Honouring Bibi Fatima (AS), the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) daughter, this painting is both cascading waterfall and sparkling sky, melding heavens and the earth as though they are one. A lotus of 12 petals forms a golden halo around her. The work is animated by symbolism: the number 12 is significant in the Abrahamic faiths, alluding to Prophet Jesus’ disciples, the Twelve Tribes of Israel, and the 12 Imams from the Holy Prophet’s family, the stars echo her honorific of Laylatul Qadr— (the night of divine decree), the translucent veils of blue suggest a hidden, esoteric knowledge, manifesting itself to chosen few. The work’s title comes from the Quranic verse signifying abundance and is also the name of a blue river in paradise.
Flowing and ethereal, the work suggests the beautiful navigation that stars provide and the life-giving fruitfulness of water, qualities that Bibi Fatima (AS) embodied.
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Acrylic and imitation gold leaf on canvas


30 x 42 Inches