Journey to the beloved

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Fatima your work was beautiful and so soothing enjoyed viewing every pic of your art Keep it up 👍

Shehnaz banat wala

Masha Allah, Mubarak! Fatimah and Askari. This is brilliant stuff. It is difficult to communicate spirituality through paintings, you have done it beautifully, Masha Allah. Inspirational work. Kudos 👏👏👏

Raihan Merchant

Looks amazing and beams with love. Alhamdollilah

Salma Omland

I took Fatimah’s course at a very difficult time in my life. Her calm and inviting nature put me at ease straight away. The concepts she taught made me think and see the world differently and I am thankful I was given the opportunity to see the my life through a different lens.

Akila Dhanji

The course with Fatimah gave me just what I needed. The 5 day session helped me improve my understanding of how to dig deep within myself, while at the same time, build bridges where needed. The essence was love, and I emerged feeling refreshed with many tools and most importantly, a perspective that is liberating and empowering, Alhamdulillah.

Faiza Karmali

I had many courses presented to me at the time when Fatimah’s course came to light (sheer coincidence) but for some innate reason, Fatimah’s course “pulled” me. This course has been the start to opening up my self-awareness – to begin to truly allign my heart, mind, body and soul; to come to the realisation what I truly am seeking in life; the renewed understanding of the all important – Intention; the path for me to achieve to get to the closer proximity to Divinity through reaching my True Self, my Best Self. The course opens up pathways to Self-Healing (in numerous ways) which I did not believe possible. You get what you put in is what I am trying to say. Fatimah has equipped me with the gems. This has already begun to make distinct difference – Alhamdulillah Thank you Fatimah 🙂

Mehmuda Jiwa

The course provides the tools and skills and opens up pathways of self healing by way of meditations, dhikr, various types of energy work including self care acts, chakra balancing and colour therapy to name but a few.

Zeenat Ratansey

There’s no way I can thank Fatimah enough but every day I make dua for her and her family for helping me connect with Allah like never before This testimonial can never do justice but every word is truly meant from the depth of my heart.

Amber Saifee

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