The Healer


When two circles intersect, the venn diagram as we know it today creates an almond like shape in the center. this is one of the most sacred shapes in the history of ancient religion. the two ircles represent the two worlds, heaven and earth or spiirit and body, in order gor us to move between the two realms we need a portal. this portal is the almond like shape called Vesica pices. IN christianity the vesica is the background on which Jesus is represented because he is considered the portal between the two realms, In Qurn Jesus is called Ruh ullah, the spirit or breath of God. In mysticism conscious breathing is the portal to the Divine and it is also considered the ultimate way to heal the mind body and the soul. Upclose one can see that the tiny inscriptions are that of ruh ullah or the breath of God on the painting. the reptition of any sacred word in mysticism is called a mantra or zikr in arabic, Mantra comes from the sankrit words mun and tra. mun comes from manas which means the mind and tra menas an instrument, mantra therefore means an instrument to go beyond the mind to the higher consciousness or heart.

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Acrylic on canvas