Journey of an artist

In 2019 she completed her one-year diploma in Islamic Traditional Arts from VMCTA, an Art School affiliated with the Princes School of Traditional Arts UK (PSTA). Being an Islamic visual artist, and an art teacher she combines her mystical inclinations and meditation practice with her passion for artistic expression as a path to connecting with the Divine, the One who is nothing but beauty. She has exhibited her work in many group shows and solo shows since 2018.

Journey of a sufi

Fatimah Agha has been a public speaker on Islam and spirituality for the past 18 years. Her passion for learning has not only kept her in the company of many scholars over the years but she’s also an avid reader with a rare collection of books on the subject from all over the world. Currently she is an outreach student in Islamic studies, specifically Islamic philosophy, mysticism and gender issues at the Al Mahdi institute in Birmingham.

Journey of a healer

Fatimah is a certified Reiki healer and she combines ancient wisdom, metaphysics, mysticism, philosophy and psychology in her research into religion and spirituality. This journey has helped Fatimah find healing for herself after prolonged sickness from an early age and now she helps facilitate others in learning how to heal the body and mind in a holistic way using spirituality through her workshops.

She conducts weekly mystical Quran tafseer sessions on the YouTube channel Muslim Meditation. She is also one of the founding members and contributors for the website www.muslimmeditation.net