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Fatimah Agha’s aim is to bring the deep and heavy up to the surface and make it easy for any one to understand. From authors to therapists, social media celebrities and mystics to Sufi teachers, dive deep into fascinating conversations that won’t leave you the same!


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Brilliant podcast on the topic of feminism and gender issue. Misunderstood by many of us, tainted by Western understanding of both the words. Never was comfortable with the idea but hearing it in light of Islamic teachings and values it seems the most natural and innate part of women, ie human beings. Listening to these ladies opened a new vista, a renewed perspective to see women in the light of our teachings. To feel comfortable with ourselves as women. Its something that our daughters and granddaughters should grow up and feel comfortable to practice and apply in their lives. Many of us have missed opportunities to learn/do/ practice due to a certain mindset. The one who is more knowledgeable leads without gender prejudice. Thank you Fatimah for bringing these beautiful minds together.🌹 In praise of the podcast on “The Women’s Khutbah Book”

Rezwaneh Marzook

Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏 Fatima for sharing!❤️ It was a hair-raising experience listening to this immensely beneficial post cast. Such brilliant reminders for women. Now to acquire this amazing book!!! Jazakallahu khayran. In praise of the podcast on “The Women’s Khutbah Book”

Basheera – South Africa