14th November 2023 - 29th November 2023


Makli, located in the Thatta district of Sindh, Pakistan, is the largest necropolis and steeped in rich history. Spanning over 500 years, the site features an array of tombs and monuments of varying sizes and styles, each adorned with intricate decorative details. A group of artists have collaborated to create art that showcases the site's vivid colours, intricate motifs, and unique patterns. These artists have embraced new experiences and practices, shedding the encumbrances of their past training. The Collection, reflects the diverse range of motifs, structures, and materials found at the site and the various means of interpreting them. The Geometry, as a source of inspiration, has enabled these traditional artists to explore new facets of their artistic abilities while staying true to their roots. This is a testament to the site's cultural significance, the artists' reverence, and the collaboration between art and history.

Exhibition Video