Al Zikr al Tabqaat al Nafs (Sounds of remembrance of levels of soul)


This is a 700 beads’ tasbeeh made from the Shah Maqsoud stone. A stone known to be carried by Hazrat Ali a.s for his zikr. This rosary / tasbeeh has 7 imams made of thread, each a different color of the rainbow depicting the 7 yogic chakras. In Islamic literatue we can connect these chakras to the 7 nufoos (plural of nafs).
Red – Nafs e ammara – La illaha il Allah – Muladara – Root Chakra -Lam
Oranage – Nafs e Lawwaama – Allah – Svadhisthana — Sacral Chakra — Vam
Yellow – Nafs e Mulhama — Hu – Manipura — Solar Plexus Chakra- Ram
Green – Nafs e Mutmainna – Haqq – Anahata — Heart Chakra – Yam
Blue – Nafs e Razia- Hayy — Vishuddha — Throat Chakra- Ham
Indigo – Nafs e Marzia — Qayyum- Ajna — Eye Chakra- Aum
Violet – Nafs e Kamila/ zakia — Qahhar – Shasrara — Crown Chakra – 0m
Each level of Nafs is a level of the journey of the soul, and each level has been designated a zikr of God, to help heal and grow to the next level of the journey.
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