Blue, The Sound Medicine

21st February 2023 - 02nd March 2023

Process and Research

This show will be exploring the usage of color blue through centuries and how different religions have used it to represent the heavens. In mysticism heavens or sky represents ascension to higher realms. Therefore, blue is a reminder of the Soul’s journey back home, to return where it came from, the journey to unite again with the most High, Divine. This is the key intention or purpose of this life for most, if not all mystics. The way to ascend spiritually is mostly attributed to chanting a verse or name again and again which helps to incorporate noble characteristics into one’s personality. This is called remembrance, or Dhikr in Islam, chanting mantra in Hinduism while we call them affirmations in modern spirituality. Christianity uses the rosary while the jews wear the tallit with its blue lines to Remember the Divine. Hence color blue is the sound that heals the soul towards its perfection, unity and peace. The color blue then becomes a thread running through most religions and ultimately uniting us through what we can agree upon together. The idea is to focus on our similarities instead of our differences through our combined culture and belief, to find ways to unite through religion because it is this very religion that has managed to divide most of us. From the blue and golden stripes of the pharaohs to the blue and golden stripes of the Talit in Jewish tradition, the blue color associated with the throat chakra where we chant mantras from, and from the use of Lapis Lazuli in Babylon to its use in the Holy Quran, this artshow is an effort to highlight what is beautiful beyond space and time.


Collaborations and Connections

I would like to share a very special bond I made with Jamie, a Jewish artist living in Jerusalem. Jamie joined my Sacred Geometry classes during Covid. She has been the only jew amongst many muslims on my group. She has been attending my classes regularly. These classes are full of spiritual ideas and mysticism as we practice the patterns. When The female Aljazeera reporter was killed in Many of my Muslim students demanded I remove Jamie from my group. My stance was that this is not the Prophetic way to treat our guests. I find Jamie my sister in humanity and spirituality. I was told that I will be boycotted by my Muslim students and some exited my group too. But many commended my stand. I realized then that this is where we sow the seeds of unity and peace. Jamie and I have a special friendship and she shared some photos of her son’s wedding with me that I’m sharing below:


When the time to collect data and research for my show came I reached out to Jamie to help me with my research to find authentic facts about jewish rituals and jewish mysticism called Kaballah. She in turn connected me to so many jewish Artists and mystics in Jerusalem and elsewhere. Some of them are metioned below:

Avraham Loewanthal

Artist Based in Jerusalem, Avraham's Website has played a key role in helping me understand clearly Jewish symbols and their place in Art. He has been helping me understand the sanctity and protocol of using these symbols in art in a way that we can work with them while preserving their sanctity.

Daniella Abravanel

Author, mystic, healer & philosopher Living in Mexico. I was reading her book “ Secrets of Hebrew Alphabet when David connected me to her. I interviewd her Live on Instagram for my podcast series Diving deep. We discussed Spiritual Healing in Jewish Mysticism and its similarities to Islam.

David Friedman

Artist Based in Jerusalem. He guided me to the keywords I need to look for my research, His own work is very fascinating on his website which speaks volumes about Kabalah. He also connected me to Daniella Abravanel who’s a book I was already reading.

Nechama Shana

Artist Based in Jerusalem. Working on a piece for the Show “Blue the sound Medicine”. She is collaborating with a palestinian Artist for this work. Her work wil show the similarities between the Hebrew and Arabic Letters

Sam Rubin

Based in UK and Jerusalem, Sam is Jamie’s husband and he’s not only very well read in Kabalah but he is a very practicing jew. He has a very open and balanced view on Religion. He explained a lot of Jewish concepts in simple terms that made a lot of heavy ideas simple to comprehend for me . Sam also showed me his Sukkah during the holiday of sukkot on a video call from Jerusalem, He has been very generous in answering all my questions with utmost patience and kindness. We have discussed many similarities between Sufism and Kabalah.