“Hey dear, Thank you so much for teaching and giving me this beautiful experience. It was a real pleasure πŸ€— may you always keep growing.”


“Assalam u Alekum Fatimah, This is Arshia from today’s Geometry Workshop. Must applaud you for conducting such an excellent Workshop; it was both inspirational and informative. Your manner of instruction was easy to follow and we all succeeded in making an otherwise complex Rosette! Sharing pics.”


“I came across Fatimah through sheer coincidence and luck, attending two of Fatimah’s courses have enabled me to empty my cup and fill it with love, hope and belief in Allah. Her course helped me recognise and my inner self and allowed me to overcome my fears by looking within and discovering my strength. Her lectures had an overall positive impact on me allowing me to manifest opportunities and change my outlook. Overall, Fatimah has been an anchor in my life, as her course allowed me to make friends and I can’t wait to attend more sessions with her.”

Zainab Abidi

“In just 2 sessions with Fatima, I have began to see things differently. Fatima has taught me to use faith in Allah as a tool to liberate myself from worries and to handle situations better. I have always left Fatima’s lectures feeling good about myself. But her one on one sessions arm you with a strength of a different kind! Thank you Fatima. Look forward to more sessions with you inshAllah!”


“”Fatimah is the spiritual guide I have been waiting for all my life. She has helped me regain faith in myself in my darkest hours. Through her sessions I have learnt to find enlightened pathways back to my inner being and figure out how life is a journey taking us to the Beloved and how we can be the best versions of ourselves in this beautiful quest for divine love and fulfilment. Finding her and being her student has been the most blessed gift I could have ever asked for””


“Dear Fatimah, I wanted to thank you for a wonderful Ramadan course! You have such amazing, loving energy, and it really comes through in what and how you teach. Your teachings are so powerful and thought-provoking. So much of what I have learned will stay with me and impact my day to day. Thank you so much πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜Š Lots of love πŸ’—”

Sahar Haji

“Piyari Fatima, you are a little young jugnoo of deen. U always jump start me when the sky is blue.. but you’re wisdom of faith helps. A beautiful rainbow comes to mind.”


“Salam Fatimah Just saw your videos Marvelous, You are doing a great job with such a creativity needed most at this time Bonding with Allah is the most beautiful thing in this life.”


“Salam I literally crying while writing this… I don’t know but I really wana hug you and kiss your hands for doing all this for us.”


“I am into meditation and healing practices from year and a half. And your meditation videos and the wisdom you share is truly a blessing for me. I am so grateful to ALLAH SWT.”


“Last night I saw @fatimahaghaart gorgeous Allah painting and I said to myself. I need to set my table. Now when I have lots of time and lots of money to spend on lots of paints, I set up my table.”


“Fatima your work was beautiful and so soothing enjoyed viewing every pic of your art Keep it up πŸ‘”

Shehnaz banat wala

“Masha Allah, Mubarak! Fatimah and Askari. This is brilliant stuff. It is difficult to communicate spirituality through paintings, you have done it beautifully, Masha Allah. Inspirational work. Kudos πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘”

Raihan Merchant

“Looks amazing and beams with love. Alhamdollilah”

Salma Omland

“I took Fatimah’s course at a very difficult time in my life. Her calm and inviting nature put me at ease straight away. The concepts she taught made me think and see the world differently and I am thankful I was given the opportunity to see the my life through a different lens.”

Akila Dhanji

“The course with Fatimah gave me just what I needed. The 5 day session helped me improve my understanding of how to dig deep within myself, while at the same time, build bridges where needed. “

Faiza Kamali

“The course provides the tools and skills and opens up pathways of self healing by way of meditations, dhikr, various types of energy work including self care acts, chakra balancing and colour therapy to name but a few.”

Zeenat Ratansey

“There’s no way I can thank Fatimah enough but every day I make dua for her and her family for helping me connect with Allah like never before This testimonial can never do justice but every word is truly meant from the depth of my heart.”

Amber Saifee