On the battlefield of duality
Of sides of right and wrong

The opposites are seperate
Waiting to explode

Thr outer realm of dark and light
Of fight or flight
Reap ideas of anxiety and revenge

Yet the plains of soul
Of unity, are far from this chaos

There is no you
There is no me

I’m just mirroring me
in the shadows of my own

What I give is what I get
For there is none but ONE

The illusion of this seperation
Puts me at a war

Surrendering on the battlefield is nothing but defeat
Not Surrendering in the plain of soul is nothing but defeat

The serenity of letting go
Is nothing short of peace

But my dense body pulls me into a dark hole,
that riles me up to peaks

I battle between the two acts of surrender
exhausting all my means

The two voices that shred me to pieces
Are the journey to my goal

Listen to one
Listen to another
I trip, I fall I fly

The voice of peace will be my voice
The One voice of love and joy

True freedom lies in letting go
An emancipation of the soul

And once you’re tired of fighting all day
Come to the peace of surrender