Soul Mates


Only Made to Order. Some variations may occur as each piece is hand painted.

This painting contoured it’s meaning along the way. My heart felt grateful for soul friends, soul mates, soul companions who come to guide and cajole, support and love, without any arrogance or pride, with utmost sincerity, they feel and sound equal (“where they may be obviously far better”)they say words of wisdom, words of the sagely spirit in them, words that come from a fountain of wisdom that has come about through riyazat (constant and dedicated effort) to be mindful and alert. They try to be empathetic and to be there for each other. They become the light that guides you to THE light. Together we are the soul mates… And if you are shaping your heaven now. Then they are your heavenly mates with whom you rejoice the heavenly bliss.

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Acrylic on Canvas


24" x 30"