“I consider this painting the crown jewel or the culmination of my solo show Zikr held in 2022. In comparison to two similar paintings from the show namely Bodhichitta (Buddha painting) and The Healer ( the Jesus painting) one can understand that these wise men of God are represented as the portals to higher realms. Mohummud pbuh being the final prophet seems to have completed the teachings of the journey of the ascension of Soul. God calls Mohummud pbuh Habib ullah, the Beloved of God. This painting represents the moment when Mohummud pbuh reached Sidrat ul muntaha, or ‘Lote Tree of the Farthest Boundary, to meet God.
Sidratul Muntaha according to one source is “ large lote tree or Sidr tree[1] that marks the utmost boundary in the seventh heaven, which no one can pass. It is called Sidrat al-Muntaha because the knowledge of the angels stops at that point, and no one has gone beyond it except the Messenger of Allah. During the Isra and Mi’raj, Muhammad traveled with the angel Gabriel to the tree (where the angel stopped) beyond which Allah (God) instructed Muhammad about the five daily prayers”
This meeting or liqa Allah/ meeting with Allah shows a mystical as well a physical momenMohummud’s pbuh life. According to Mystics each Human Being embodies all the qualities and energies of the entire universe. They say that the outer Prophet only come to awaken the inner Prophet. Hence for all those wayfarers seeking ascension, Mohummud represents that part of us that is capable of reaching that height of proximity with God. The ultimate station for the Soul, Home.

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Acrylic on Canvas