Journey to awakening


When two circles intersect, the Venn diagram as we know it today creates an almond like shape in the center. this is one of the most sacred shapes in the history of ancient religion. the two circles represent the two worlds, heaven and earth or spirit and body, in order for us to move between the two realms we need a portal. this portal is the almond like shape called Vesica picses. IN Christian iconography the vesica is the background on which mother mary or Jesus is represented because they are considered the portal between the two realms, The guide that lights the path to Soul’s ascension.The Vesica is also shaped like an eye, saying that it is when the inner eye opens that one can awaken to reality and find enlightenment. Furthermore, this process of awakening is said to happen through seven stages of soul’s journey, seven levels of the nafs, seven valleys of love or the passage of divine energy as it ascends up the spine activating the seven chakras.

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Acrylic on Canvas