Faith & Hope


Only Made to Order. Some variations may occur as each piece is Hand Painted.

Prayer is the mairaaj (ascension) of a believer. The holy Prophet Mohammad (may peace and blessings be upon him) experienced ascension on many occasions as mentioned in the Quran. In Surah Israh, Allah mentions this journey, from earth to the heavens.. It is said that he (pbuh) traveled on a flying horse 🦄. Our children call them unicorns 🦄. It was a coincidence that I painted this girl in Unicorn colors…only to realize how it all fits together. I was dumbfounded!! This was one of the most inspiring moments I’ve experienced while painting. Let our children get lost in the magical journey of prayer that enables us to fly on the wings of 🌈FAITH & HOPE 🌈

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Acrylic on Canvas.


14" x 18"