“”‘My earth and My heavens cannot encompass Me, but the heart of My believing servant encompasses
-Hadith e Qudsi
Every day, five times a day when we stand to pray as Muslims, we face the Kaaba. The house of God.
Does God really live there? God lives in our hearts. Five times a day facing the Kaaba is a mere reminder
to turn back to the true house of God. The Heart.
In yogic scripture heart chakra is denoted by the green color which is also a color associated with the
Holy Prophet Mohummud pbuh and his green dome. Furthermore, Hazrat Khidr in the Holy Quran
represents a teacher of esoteric knowledge to Prophet Musa pbuh in Surah Kahf. His name Khidr also
means the color green or evergreen/ everlasting signifying that he holds the knowledge of the infinite
realm. The heart chakra lies at the center of the seven chakras. The lower three are earthly chakras while
the higher three are divine or heavenly chakras. The Heart chakra is set in the middle as the intermediary
portal between the two worlds.
Gold: in the world of colors, pigments are traditionally extracted from natural substances such as metals.
In the alchemical hierarchy of colors Lead being the poisonous one, is at the lowest while Gold is at the
top of the tier, being a source of healing. In traditional manuscripts pure gold pigment is used to depict
God or godliness. God being the healer of the hearts. A heart of gold is thus open to Divine Presence and
communication. This state of the heart can be achieved through reptation of Zikr or name of God.
The beads used on this painting are made out of the stone Shah Maqsoud. This is a stone known to have
been used in the tasbeeh/ rosary that Hazrat Ali a.s used to carry. Both the heart and Hazrat Ali a.s are
known to be portals, intermediaries and door to the higher realms of higher forms of inner knowledge
known as Knowledge of Presence.
The Holy Prophet pbuh said
“”I am the city of knowledge and Ali is it’s door.””
Hence almost all the chains of sufi school masters, leads its roots back to Hazrat Ali a.s being the ultimate
Sufi master, the opener of doors and hearts.”

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Acrylic goldleaf (immitation) with Shah Maqsood stones and thread work on canvas