AL-Baseer: the all seeing eye


“I breathed my spirit into you… Holy Quran The human baing has been infused with the qualities of Divine but untill the human doesnt awaken to its “Beingness” or the God particle he cannot ascend or awaken. when we awaken from our sleep we open our eyes, when we awaken to our Godliness we experience the opening of the inner eye. the process of this awakening is abour traversing through the seven realms of the soul represented by the seven concentric rings, and its also a journey to open the portal between the seen and the unseen worlds or the outer and the inner worlds as represented by the eye in the center of the two intersecting circles. the largest Eye is the all seeing eye of God which can be understood through the quantum theory of OBserver’s effect. The continuous geometric pattern is made up of many intersecting circles creating open eyes or awakenings showing that just like this geometric pattern can be repeated again and again inifinitely so is the soul’s journey also infinite comprising of many many awakenings, an eternal process beyond time and space.

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Acrylic on canvas