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About Me

Fatimah Agha has been a public speaker on Islam and spirituality for the past 14 years. She is a mother to three children, with the eldest being 14 years old. Fatimah began her public role as a speaker for children, and being a mother has been the most important part of her learning journey. She is presently an outreach student in Islamic mysticism and philosophy at the Al Mahdi institute in Birmingham. Fatimah also has a leadership role on the MindValley ( forum as an ambassador/coach for their " Awaken the Species Program". Being an Islamic visual artist, and a Spiritual-Art teacher she combines her mystical inclinations and meditation practice with her passion for artistic expression as a path to connecting with the Divine, the One who is nothing but beauty.
With Shaykh Arif Abdul Hussain Director and Senior Lecturer at Al Mahdi Institute Birmingham.
 Left to right: Sayed Ammar Nakhshwani - Scholar, Author and Orator, Askari Agha, Fatimah Askari Agha