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Blue, The Sound Medicine

21st February 2023 - 02nd March 2023


In my practice, I am drawn to the similarities among spiritual paths. This series explores the use of blue as a metaphor for the heavens through the centuries. In mysticism, the sky represents an ascension to higher realms. Therefore, blue is a reminder of the soul’s journey home: a reuniting with the most High and Divine. I am fascinated by the links in different faiths, regardless of the continent or time they emerged. Exploring teachings from Zoroastrianism to Islam, I am attempting to develop a language for our commonalities. Chanting a verse is a means to absorb noble characteristics into one’s personality and a vehicle for reaching higher realms. Called remembrance, or Dhikr in Islam, a chanting mantra in Hinduism, or affirmations in modern spirituality. Christianity uses the rosary, while Judaic traditions include wearing the blue-lined tallit prayer shawl. The color blue then prompts us to remember the name of God and a pathway to the heavens. As a result, blue transcends the visual, blossoming into a sound that heals the soul, and leads it towards perfection and peace. In this show, I hope to make space for all monotheistic faiths through our combined culture and belief. This new body of work is a celebration of our similarities, a visual reminder of how throughout history, all our paths converge.

Exhibition Video