Iss Dard ki dawa dey

Aye merry pyaray rab
Iss Safar kee Ab intiha kar

Is dard kee dawa kar
Iss marz kee Shifa kar

Jo Sabar kee intiha ho
Wa sabr bhee ata kar…

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On the battlefield of duality
Of sides of right and wrong

The opposites are seperate
Waiting to explode

Thr outer realm of dark and light
Of fight or flight
Reap ideas of anxiety and revenge…

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What Do Embellished Shrines Teach Our Souls?

Surrounded by so many beautiful crafts can surely be a distraction for an artist like me who loves traditional Islamic art. Last night I sat in the Holy Shrine of Imam Musa e Kazim and I was drowned in the beauty of the…

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Raising Believers in a God of Infinite Possibilities

I was watching a movie called Lion, starring Nicole Kidman. Nicole’s character was speaking to her adopted son about a vision she once had, long ago when she was a teenager, that she would be adopting a child to fulfill her destiny…

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