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Day 2 Ar Rahman

Day # 2
 This is part of the 100days 100 colors 
program that has been launched on my instagram @fatimahaghaart
In 100 days you will have 100 paintings and a heart dyed in the colors of Allah's beautiful 100 names. 

Step 1: Listen to the Talk about name of God for that Day
Step 2: Print this and trace it on a watercolor paper ( Arches 300gsm for ideal results)
Step 3: Enjoy the painting video as you hear the zikr or you may choose to close your eyes and meditate to the zikr.
Step 4: For learning construction of the geometric patterns used in these paintings, pls use the link given in my insta bio "Divine Geometry Classes". These are recordings and they are paid classes. All details are available in the link.

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